The Wedding Ange & Arty 10/08/18


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How it Began

We are very excited to share with you the story of how we met. We feel that it is so special that we want you to hear it in person! Hear all about it at the ceremony.

About the Venue

All you Need to Know

Where We’ll Be Staying

The Pumphouse

The Pump House is an elegant, rustic location for your central PA wedding! When you arrive, you’ll be enveloped in the beauty of the grounds, the gentle babbling of the nearby Catawissa Creek, and the tranquil atmosphere of your wedding weekend. As soon as you turn off the highway onto the Pump House grounds, the stress of the outside world will melt away: we believe you should be able to savor your wedding celebrations, surrounded by the lovely Pennsylvania woods and our pack of friendly, curious kittens.

If you wish to stay on site, camping will be allowed on premises. Also, there are nearby hotels you may stay at.

How the Day Will Go

Immediate family will be housed inside the Bed and Breakfast at The Pumphouse. If you feel like camping tents are more than welcome. There are also several local motels in the nearby area, including a Comfort Inn.

Ceremony begins at 3pm with the reception to follow soon after.

Donate to the Honeymoon

In lieu of presents we ask that you please donate towards the honeymoon.


The Future Rodriguez-Clark Family